Liquid Gold “Making Of…” Video

Making of Liquid GoldAfter my recent exhibit at TAMP Coffee  a lot of people asked me about how the ‘Liquid Gold’ series of metallic prints were made. The key aspect is that instead of printing with inks, each image is made using ultraviolet light on a special printer.  The resulting images go on to have a high level of detail whilst also retaining a slight degree of reflectivity. Whilst not being exactly mirror-like, there is still enough reflection in each image to make them burst with light at certain viewing angles which makes for a unique viewing experience. In addition to this it also creates a highly durable print which can even be shown both indoors and outdoors. To explain how this process works  I thought I would create a short “making of…” video to show the prints being made and the level of care that goes into creating each one of these limited edition prints.

March 2015