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Gift Vouchers – Making Your Purchase Into A Present

Gift Vouchers.If you would like us to send you a personalised gift voucher for somebody else as part of your purchase simply enter in the details of the intended recipient below. If this is not a present for someone else simply, click here.

Whenever you make a purchase on this web site you will automatically be redirected to this optional gift voucher page where you can fill out the recipient’s details and we’ll take care of the rest. Once you have filled in all the details you will be emailed a personalised gift voucher which you can print out and present in person or forward in a email.

If you have any questions please consult our gift voucher frequently asked questions page or contact us here.

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    * If the gift voucher(s) are for more than one person please enter their details (name, contact number) in the Extra Details box above. If you have any other details or requirements please enter them also in the Extra Details text area.

    ** We will only contact the recipient when they have contacted us to arrange the date/time of their training. We will not contact them beforehand so as to avoid spoiling the surprise of their gift.


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