Repton’s Rules

The Repton Boys Boxing Club was started in the late 1800’s in London’s deprived east end. The boxing club was born out of Repton Boys Club, which was created by Repton Public School so as to give support and direction to young men in what was one of the country’s most deprived areas.

As it was then Repton opens its doors to all to offer their brand of no-frills professional coaching. With an active club boxing team their junior and senior squads fight at venues up and down the country and abroad. Housed in a vintage Victorian Bath house, its history is as palpable as it is inescapable. Around the walls of the gym hang photographs of former champions who have passed through Repton’s doors staring down into the ring. It is an unspoken obligation and responsibility to tread where they once trod. As the sound of punches reverberate around Repton’s ceramic tiled interior it is clear you are inside a temple. So it comes as no surprise to learn that Repton Boys Boxing Club has produced some of the country’s finest talents who have gone onto to achieve national and world championship status.

Now as it was then, it is a chapel to some hard, basic rules. Arms up, head down and punch harder than the other guy or get ready to kiss the canvas…

Mark Esper
September 2013

Status: Commissioned Photo Shoot for Repton Boys Boxing Club, London.
Awards: Awarded a ‘Coup de Coeur’ in the 2013 ANI Picture Palace Award
Prints: Selected Prints are available for online purchase.
Image Licensing: Mark Esper. All Rights Reserved.

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