1-2-1 Photography Tuition

1-2-1 Photography Tuition


Tailored to you, this is the most flexible form of training, i.e. a practical session, portfolio review, technical consultation or anything else you’d like.

Ability: Novice – Experienced

* Based on an 8 hour day
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What would you like to learn / improve?

1-2-1 photography tuition is uniquely personal: it’s about you and your photography. Each session is expressly tailored to you and any areas you would like to cover. In addition to this it’s also about what makes you tick as a photographer and how I can help you improve.

Sometimes people want to cover technical areas in a 1-2-1 photography tuition session; i.e. how can I do this? Where am I going wrong with this? Or maybe it is more a stylistic question; i.e. improving your composition or how to best approach your subject(s)? Or for that matter you might want a portfolio review where we can look at your photography as whole and see what you ultimately want to achieve.  Or it could be something else completely. The point is that the time we spend together is completely unique to you with the sole aim of addressing any questions you might have and turning any weaknesses into strengths.

How long would you recommend?

1-2-1 Photography TuitionIf you are unsure about how many hours / day would be suitable simply fill in this form here. That way, I can properly assess what you would like to do and see what amount of time might be appropriate.

Maybe you would like to buy some 1-2-1 photography tuition as a birthday or Christmas present? Our Gift vouchers make a great present for loved ones who have just started out in photography. It’s very simple. Once you have finished paying for your 1-2-1 Tuition using the ‘Buy Now’ buttons above you will be automatically redirected to a page to fill out the recipient’s details. Once we have received all the details we’ll take care of the rest and email you a personalised gift voucher. If you have any questions you can always contact us here or call +44 (0)7866 430979 / +49 176 6572703.

When can I attend?

After any purchase you will be contacted within 24 hours to organise a convenient date / time for your 1-2-1 photography tuition. This will either be by phone or email, so please make sure to fill in all your details on the information page after you have made your purchase. If you need to change your details or add any extra information you can still access the information page here.

If you have any questions about 1-2-1 photography tuition please check out our frequently asked questions page or ask me here.

Looking forward to seeing you in action.

Mark Esper.



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