Along with my desire to tell stories I’m also drawn to abstract photography. In this shoot I wanted to do something different to my usual reportage work. Rather than create a series of conventionally-lit nudes I wanted to make something more allegorical that would engage the imagination of the viewer. Fortunately I was (and continue to be) blessed in my friendship with life model Emmanuelle Duchesne who managed to interpret the ‘waves of emotion’ theme beautifully.

Although originally conceived as a life-size video projection, a selection of these images will soon be available as limited edition prints. If you would like more details on ordering some of these prints please contact me here.

January 2015

Status: Unpublished.
Exhibitions: LightBox ‘The Photographic Nude 2015’ curated by Robert Gojević (founder of BLUR Magazine).
Prints: Selected prints are available for online purchase.
Image Licensing: Mark Esper. All Rights Reserved.


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