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What would you like to achieve with your Video?

Filmmaking is a logistical exercise where planning is directly related to later success. With potentially many different kinds of resources involved in a production, it’s good to have the best understanding of the ultimate goal before we start.

Key Questions

Below are a short list of questions specifically designed to better understand what you do and your requirements are. We realise that not all of the questions may not have direct answers. Please answer what you can and we are always available to help you find some answers if you’d like some guidance. Just to be clear, we refer to a single video in the questions, but it may be that you require a series of videos. The more detail you give us, the more targeted the campaign will be and, essentially, the more successful it will be.

[Please note that this is a constantly evolving series of questions and we welcome any suggestions you might have about which questions to add or remove.]

    1. Who / What will the video's focus be?

    2. What is the goal of the video? To educate, generate excitement, or both?

    3. What do you want people to do after they've seen your video?

    4. If you could have someone know three things after they watch the video what would they be?

    5. How do you want someone to feel after they watch the video?

    6. Who is the target demographic for the video? - be as specific as you can.

    7. Do you plan on using a single avenue of delivery?

    8. Please give us an indication of your budget, so we know what scale of production is under consideration.

    9. What are your desired start/completion dates?

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