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How To Take Better, More Creative Photographs

The photographs that really hold you are the ones that ‘say’ the most. Napoleon famously coined the phrase that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but a great picture is worth so much more than that. Helping you to create great photographs is what I want to do, and you can do so with my tuition and all the insights I’ve gained on my journey to becoming an award-wining photographer.  Think of yourself as moving away from taking “snaps” to taking actual photographs that you can be justifiably proud of. So whether you’re taking family, wedding, wildlife or travel photographs, I can teach you how to look for those frozen moments that will stop others in their tracks.



The Benefit of Hands-On Experience

Gift Vouchers.Whether you’ve just been given a new camera or have never got to grips with the one you already own, I can help you realise your full potential as a photographer. As a tutor I can actually watch you at work and see the photographs you’re taking. Almost everything I’ve learnt about photography has been shown to me in the form of practical, in-the-field advice – and it is the benefit of this hands-on experience that I want pass on to you.

The effects of good experience can be colossal. Even the smallest amount of additional insight can make the difference between getting something wrong as opposed to continually getting it right. Instead of making the same mistakes over and over again you could be growing in confidence and most importantly improving. I see it all the time; even with the slightest change of approach you could have a radically better photograph.

Different Kinds of Courses

People learn at different speeds. Where some might benefit from 1-2-1 training others prefer to learn within a group. I like to work with small numbers when it comes to groups because I don’t want you to be lost in a crowd. By keeping the class sizes small you really get to know people and everyone gets more time and attention as a result. So, not only will I explain how you can use your camera better, but I will also show you how to identify opportunities and turn every half-chance into a pivotal moment.

Looking forward to helping you take great pictures.

Mark Esper.

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