Commissioned Portraits

Commissioned Portraits


Buy a photo session to create a series of individual, high quality, personal portraits and head shots for either personal or promotional use.

Minimum duration: 2 hours

* Based on an 8 hour day
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A different kind of portrait

Much of my photographic and documentary work is based in observation and capturing people in real situations so as to tell a story. As such many people now approach me to shoot commissioned portraits of them in a similar style as they like the authenticity of the images.

One of the main advantage of shooting naturally, as opposed to a studio environment, is the lack of artifice. Photo studios can feel a little intimidating to some people. So, Instead of light stands, backdrops and photo paraphernalia it’s just me with a camera, working with natural light – no frills, no pressure. The time we spend together is completely tuned to showing you how you want to be seen.

What happens first?

Ideally we meet or talk on the phone to discuss what you would like. Why would you like to have some shots taken? What kind of photos do you like? Do you have a particular use in mind? Is this to be a gift for loved one? At the end of the day the more I understand what you like, the better the shots will be. All that remains is to organise a date and a location of where you would like to be photographed.

When we do the shoot I will show you the photographs as we go along. I think’s important for anyone to see in which direction the shots are going and so that you feel comfortable and relaxed.  I’m not a photographer who relies on photoshop to ‘get you there’. You’ll be able to see the results in camera as it happens.

Towards the end of our shoot we’ll sit down and review the shots together over a tea/coffee. Afterwards we will select 3 final key images. Based upon your selection I will work on these images (if needed) and will later send you the final retouched images to you via email with secure download links. More finalised images are possible (at an additional cost of £15.00 per image).

How long would you recommend?

Normally a couple of hours is fine, in other cases no more than a day depending on what you would like to achieve. If you are unsure about how many hours / days would be suitable simply fill in this form here. That way, I can properly assess what you would like to do and see what amount of time might be appropriate.

How to best prepare for your shoot

To get the most from your commissioned portraits I’d always recommended that you bring alternate clothing. That way we can shoot 2 different looks (e.g. casual/lifestyle and business) so you can get the most variety from your session. Depending on the weather, we can also shoot either indoors or outdoors using professional lighting if desired.

When can we shoot together?

After any purchase you will be contacted within 24 hours to organise a convenient date / time for your commissioned portraits. This will either be by phone or email, so please make sure to fill in all your details on the information page after you have made your purchase. If you need to change your details or add any extra information you can fill out the form again here.

If you have any questions about commissioned portraits please check out our frequently asked questions page or ask me here.

Looking forward to shooting with you.

Mark Esper.



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