FAQ’s – Gift Vouchers

Gift Voucher FAQ’s

How do I order a gift voucher?
Simply pay for one of the courses online and then fill in the gift voucher details form here and we can take it from there.

How will I receive the gift voucher?
So as to avoid any delays with royal mail or similar, all our gift vouchers are sent electronically (via email). That way, if you are buying a course as a last minute birthday gift or christmas present, delivery shouldn’t be a problem.

Can I book a specific date / time?
Yes, please contact us ahead of booking if you have specific date / time in mind. That said, in most cases we would suggest it’s easiest to ask the recipient to contact us to arrange a date / time once they’ve received their gift.

What if I want to change the course / training the gift voucher was intended for?
Simply contact us and let us know of the change. If it is for the same value that shouldn’t be a problem. If it is for a different amount then we can either send you a link to increase your payment or issue you with a partial refund – whichever is relevant to the situation. We will then issue you with a new gift voucher that reflects the change and cancel the old one.

Are gift vouchers transferrable?
Gift vouchers are not transferrable and as such cannot be given or sold on to third parties.

Can you send a paper gift voucher instead an email gift voucher?
No. Experience has shown us that paper gift vouchers get lost, torn, mangled or delayed through the post. All of this is avoided by emailing you a print-ready gift voucher which you can either email to the recipient or print off the gift voucher yourself on your home/office printer and hand over in person.

Is there a time-limit with the gift vouchers?
Yes. All our gift vouchers are valid for one year from date of purchase and are individually coded for each recipient.

What if I want buy / order several gift vouchers?
Simply enter in the relevant details into our gift voucher details form and we will send you the correct number of vouchers.


General FAQ’s

When do you run your courses?
1-2-1 Coaching and Online Tutoring take place on a mutually agreed time / date prior to the session. Group courses take place on either 1 or 2 days over a weekend. Weekday group courses are available by special arrangement.

Can I choose a specific date when booking ?
Yes, you can specify a preferred date to the comments box as you proceed through the Paypal payment pages. Better still, please give us a call on 07866 430979 or drop us an email to check place availability prior to booking. If you are interested in buying a buying a course gift voucher on behalf of somebody please contact us using this form.

Where do you run your courses?
Mainly in London, UK unless otherwise specified. If you would like to arrange training in another location or country please contact us using this form.

Is there a minimum age for students?
Yes. The minimum age is 12 years old. All children between 12-18 yrs old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during their course as per our child protection policy. You’ll be pleased to also know there’s no maximum age limit. We encourage parents to get actively involved in their children’s passion for photography.

Will there be any photography equipment provided?
No, generally students will use their own photographic gear so that they can become more familiar with it. Principally the group courses favour DSLR cameras so we can review the results afterwards as part of the course.

Can I choose a specific date for my course before booking?
Yes. Simply email us in advance of placing your order or give us a call on 07866 430979 to check date/time availability.

What about adverse weather conditions / cancellations?
Generally speaking, where it is a practical training course or 1-2-1 coaching I shoot all weathers so rain and bad weather don’t affect your ability to take a great photograph. In addition to this we keep in contact with students up until the day of course in case there are any exceptional changes that we feel might compromise your training experience. In the event of a postponement we will move your course to the next mutually convenient date or offer you a full refund as per our refund policy.

How do I pay for a lesson?
All lessons need to be paid for in advance and online using a credit or debit card on the courses page here.

Is there anything I should bring?
Warm clothing or layers. Even on a sunny day the wind chill can steal your warmth should the sun dip behind the clouds. Sensible footwear is a must, i.e. trainers, walking shoes anything that covers or supports the ankles. If you have any food intolerances or allergies please bring appropriate light snacks and enough water.

Is there anything I should leave behind?
Anything unnecessary or expensive. Always travel light. If you honestly don’t think you are going to use something then it’s just simpler if those items are left at home.

Is there a particular camera brand, lens system you would recommend?
Not really, as every camera has it’s own charm and personality and that’s part of the appeal of photography. Simply put there is no de facto “best camera / lens for everything”. Different combinations of cameras and bodies lend themselves more to different activities and this is something that will be touched upon in your training.

Is a smartphone ‘enough’ of a camera?
No. They’re better suited to making making calls and sending emails whereas a DSLR camera offers a much broader range of creative possibilities. Bring a DSLR camera (or analogue SLR camera for 1-2-1 sessions).

Should I ask before I take someone’s photograph?
Ideally yes. Whilst a ‘posed’ photograph might not have the same impact as a ‘candid’ one you need to respect another person’s right to privacy. If somebody objects to your photograph, you should delete the image without reservation right away. You are responsible for your own behaviour at all times and trouble can always be avoided by displaying the right attitude.

Updated 14.12.2015.
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