Occupied Artist

In amongst the many tents of the Occupy London Stock Exchange camp site outside St. Paul’s Cathedral can be found a large white marquee. Inside sits a huddled, hooded figure sprawled over a drift wood desk. This is Robbie’s  in his art studio; a local meeting point in the Occupy camp and gallery for all things “occupy london”. As London’s resident “Occupied Artist” he greets each visitor, friendly hand extended with a wide gap-toothed smile a cheery “ello”.

Working mostly in chalks, or whatever material he can find, he displays his work on the walls of his tent. Selling off sketches to passers-by he just about scrapes enough to pay for smokes and other pleasures. Looking at this subjects he draws whatever comes to mind. Faces, figures and characters from in and around the Occupy camp feature largely inside his tent as well as the political bête noires of the day in the form of the UK government and its ailing banking system.

How can he stay here? His tenure is linked to the fate of his primary subject, the Occupy London camp. Until the inevitable comes, as it he agrees it will, he’ll keep drawing until asked to stop. And even then he might think it over a while. Depends on the day.

Mark Esper
January 2012

Status: Syndicated through Polaris Images.
Prints: Selected prints are available for online purchase.
Image Licensing: Polaris Images.

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