Holland’s Dream Dies

What started out as a big, bright carnival of orange bodies in the sunlight of Amersfoort town square became a long drawn-out wait for Dutch goals that never came. Hard tackles and poor decisions culminated in a pivotal sending off in extra time. Holland’s world cup dream would end up hung in the balance and on the shoulders of 10 men. Watched by the video-lit faces of the crowd in Amersfoort, they wouldn’t have to wait long. A single Spanish goal killed them off. For some in the crowd the party was over before the game had even started.

Mark Esper
July 2010

Status: Unpublished
Awards: Shortlisted for the GUP Viewbook 2011 Photostory competition.
Prints: Selected Prints are available for online purchase.
Image Licensing: Mark Esper. All Rights Reserved.

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